Logo offers ‘a more focused message’

By Paul Andersen

THE RED Tractor logo has been relaunched along with a new marketing strategy developed to deliver a more focused message to consumers, say its promoters.

The logo has now grown up, as there is no longer talk of the little red tractor, but simply of the Red Tractor.

And it now includes a Union flag, and the accompanying text has changed from “British Farm Standard” to “Assured Food Standards”.

The change to the wording reflects more accurately the full scope of the Red Tractor assurance system. This applies not only to food production at farm level, but to the standards that all links in the food supply chain have to meet.

“We have always been very clear that if we are putting a label on a product, we need it to be more than just farm assurance,” Assured Food Standards chief executive David Clarke told farmers weekly.

“It also needs to cover haulage, abattoirs, dairies, the whole chain. We changed the text because we thought we were underselling ourselves,” he added.

He said the Union flag has been included to dispel any confusion about the provenance of food products carrying the Red Tractor label.

“There has been some ambiguity regarding where the food was produced. But by including the flag the logo now tells people more clearly where the food comes from – where it was grown or reared as well as where it was packed,” Mr Clarke said.

Not that the rules have changed. The logo still refers to British farm standards, which, in theory, can be met outside of Britain. But it remains the case that no product of foreign origin has carried the label.

“Our research shows that trying to win consumers” trust by wrapping a flag around a product is not going to work. Consumers want to be assured that their food has been conscientiously and professionally produced to consistent standards, and we can deliver that assurance.”


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