Shocking level of imported pork on Scots supermarket shelves

Scottish farmers have called on supermarkets to stock more British pigmeat after a survey revealed 50% of the pork offered by some retailers was imported.

NFU Scotland (NFUS) said the pork product survey highlighted a void in policy between major supermarkets.

Retailers Co-op, Morrisons, Aldi and Lidl stocked 100% Scottish or British pork and should be applauded, the union said.

But in Tesco and Asda stores, less than half of the fresh pork on sale was home-produced.

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NFUS president Martin Kennedy said the statistic was shocking.

“We saw similar trends earlier this year and are hugely disappointed. Despite continued discussions with retailers, we are once again reading appalling statistics about the lack of domestic pork within Tesco and Asda stores,” said Mr Kennedy.

“Both these stores have a strong public commitment to source other meats from the UK. We are asking them to mirror that policy with pork.”

Farmers and consumers alike deserve reassurances that British and Scottish pork will be readily available on every shop shelf, he added. 

Farmers ‘need support’

Scottish pork production has faced disruption due to Covid-19 and Brexit has made exporting challenging, with cheap imports flooding in. 

While products from this country are of the highest quality, prices are below the cost of production and farmers need support, Mr Kennedy said.  

“The justification for major retailers to back our farmers goes far deeper than the shop shelf,” he said.

“With climate change at the top of the agenda, sourcing local, sustainable products such as Scottish or British pork will be a valuable part of the solution.

“That is something consumers want to see, and supermarkets must deliver.”