MDC and BPC branded ‘useless’

THE AGRICULTURAL Wages Committees, Milk Development Council and British Potato Council have been placed in hit list of Britain‘s most ‘useless‘ quangos.

A report by the Centre for Policy Studies says there are currently 529 quangos but a substantial number of them duplicate each others efforts.

The document says it is surprising that the BPC exists and that it is funded by a statutory levy.

“If such an organisation was necessary, it should be voluntary. Few British potato consumers would feel their life was blighted if the BPC were to disappear,” it says.

The verdict on the Milk Development Council, which is also funded by a statutory levy on all milk sold, is similar.

“Why shouldn‘t Britain‘s struggling dairy farmers be given the option of contributing or not to what is effectively a nationalised lobby?” it asks.

The Agricultural Wages Committees are branded as ‘absurd‘ by the report which claims that some people do not comply with the rates set and use cheap immigrant labour.

  • What do you think of the three organisations? Would you like to see them disbanded? Or do they have a valuable role to play?