Milk Link suppliers to see February price rise of up to 1p/litre

Milk Link producer suppliers will be paid up to 1p/litre more in February, with prices for manufacturing milk going up by 1p/litre and liquid supplies by 0.78p/litre.

This will put the co-op’s standard litre member price for both types of supply up to 26p/litre.

Since the start of the current financial year, Milk Link has increased member milk prices by 2.75p/litre for manufacturing and 2.53p/litre for liquid.

“As a farmer-owned dairy co-operative, we are totally focused on maximising the returns we can generate on every litre of milk supplied by our members and passing the benefit back to them as soon as possible,” said chief executive Neil Kennedy.

“Our latest price increase is fully in line with this ethos and comes at a time when our members, in common with all dairy farmers, are under huge financial pressure as a result of rocketing on-farm costs, particularly in relation to feed, fuel and fertiliser.”