Milk protest puts focus on Tesco

PRESSURE GROUP Farm is intensifying its Just Milk campaign. The group plans a wave of action around the country in the coming weeks, and the focus is exclusively on Tesco customers.

Campaigners will take their message about the plight of dairy farmers to Tesco stores across Britain. Postcard packs will be handed out, and customers will be encouraged to send postcards to Tesco urging the company to take a lead in ending poverty milk prices in Britain.

Farm co-ordinator Robert Alderson said: “The name of the game is simply to engage with Tesco customers, informing them of the crisis in dairy, and telling them why it is a concern for us all.

“This is our final push before the end of the year to make Tesco listen to the growing public and farming demand for a fair milk price for farmers. Any support that farmers – both dairy and non-dairy – can give will be vital, and greatly appreciated.”

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