More than 100 abattoirs open after restrictions lifted – find your nearest

More than one hundred abattoirs in England and Wales are operating again after the ban on moving livestock following the foot and mouth outbreak was lifted at midnight on Wednesday.

Only abattoirs which have been approved and received their licence to slaughter livestock  by the Meat Hygeine Service will be allowed to take animals, DEFRA said.

It also asked livestock farmers to note it was not possible for Scottish livestock to move to English abattoirs or for livestock from the UK to move across the border to Scottish abattoirs.

A spokesman from the Meat and Livestock Commission also warned that under a general licence, a licence was needed for each livestock movement.

Livestock farmers must also have an agreed contract with an abattoir before livestock is taken from their farm.

“It is also worth noting that vehicles must be disenfacted before they leave the farm, and once again before they leave the abattoir,” the MLC spokesman said.

“Dirty trailors turning up at abattoirs were a problem in the 2001 outbreak and this time vehicles will be turned away if they look too mucky.”

For information about where to take livestock to slaughter, visit DEFRA’s approved list of abattoirs