NABIM: Don’t just focus on yield

The National Association of British and Irish Millers has called on growers not to focus only on yield when choosing milling wheat varieties.

Publishing its 2006 wheat guide, NABIM director general, Alex Waugh said: “The 2006 guide is an invaluable publication for millers’ suppliers. The milling industry is concerned that if they focus only on yield, many growers may overlook the quality attributes of varieties that play an important part in delivering overall return.”

The guide, which contains information relating to the milling industry, focuses on three key areas, NABIM confirmed:

  • Compliance with EU fusarium mycotoxin limits from 1 July 2006
  • Millers’ concerns about haulage and grain intake
  • Decline in availability of group 1 wheats, as group 2 varieties show recent growth.

The publication can be downloaded at


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