Nabim to review Soltice and Mascot grouping after harvest

The National Association of British and Irish Millers (Nabim) is to review two Group 2 wheat varieties, Solstice and Mascot, after this year’s harvest to consider their suitability to be promoted to Group 1.

Although Nabim says it is reviewing the grouping of all varieties in its annual wheat guide, it admits Solstice and Mascot will be the main focus of the exercise.

The aim is to complete the review by the end of October, so that possible changes can be considered by Crop Evaluation Ltd (CEL) in advance of the production of the 2007 Recommended List, confirmed Damian Testa of Nabim at the 2006 Cereals event.

“Solstice first appeared in our 2002 guide as a Group 2 bread wheat,” he said.

“It failed to make Group 1 due to a lack of consistency. But it has performed very well in the last three years, and millers are supporting it.”

The performance and grouping of Mascot, a new variety, was always going to be evaluated after a full season’s use, he added.

“We indicated this in our 2006 guide. It’s another variety at the top end of Group 2, but it hasn’t been seen in commercial quantities.”

Mr Testa pointed out that in order to make Group 1, a wheat variety needs consistent performance in both milling and baking. “These are two varieties which are finding favour with millers, so we are reviewing their current grading.”

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