NFU and FFA join forces to tackle low milk prices

A breakthrough agreement has seen the NFU and Farmers for Action join forces to lobby for a better future for dairy farmers.

The two parties have finally buried their differences after more than a decade of low milk prices.

Many farmers continue to lose money, despite rising market prices throughout 2010.

NFU president Peter Kendall (pictured) and dairy board chairman Mansel Raymond met with Farmers for Action chairman David Handley to discuss the crisis in the industry.

Both organisations will focus on calls for DEFRA to back the European Commission’s High Level Milk Group report released last June, which identified a number of areas the commission should address to help stabilise markets, improve producers’ income and enhance transparency.

The NFU and FFA have also agreed to tackle the issue of milk prices with processors and retailers to secure better returns across the dairy sector.

Mr Raymond said: “We are both extremely angry and frustrated by the events of the past few months. We are agreed that more pressure is needed in the short term to ensure that farmers feel the full benefit of the continued strength in markets.”

Mr Handley said: “This meeting was about identifying common ground – we all have dairy farmers’ best interests at heart, and there’s a lot of work to be done.

“Top of both our agendas is milk prices – specifically keeping up the pressure so that processors and retailers have nowhere left to hide.”