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NFU Mutual: Advice on investing in agri-tech for your farm

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The UK’s leading rural insurer.

NFU Mutual offers a wide range of insurance for farms, homes and businesses, as well as life, pensions and investment products.

These products and services are delivered through the agency network, as well as through a direct sales and service centre.

NFU Mutual delivers more than simply insurance and is working closely with scientists, agricultural colleges and tech companies to help our members make the right choices to farm sustainably, profitably and safely.

For more information on our insights into the development and adoption of agri-tech, and to download our agri-tech report, visit

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NFU Mutual – Taking Care of Tomorrow’s Farms, Today.

The world of farming is evolving.

Fast developing agri-tech is set to revolutionise the industry, helping farmers to find new ways to tackle challenges while improving safety, efficiency and profitability.

That’s why we’ve produced the NFU Mutual Agri-tech Report, to help you decide where best to invest for your farm’s future.

The huge challenge facing farmers is deciding on the technology that offers the best way forward, and will integrate with other systems –and when to take the plunge.

Like any farming decision, investing in agri-tech needs careful planning.

Through working closely with scientists, agricultural universities, tech companies and industry leaders we want to help develop their understanding and protect those farmers using technology.

The fourth agricultural revolution is bringing exciting opportunities for farmers to increase productivity, protect the environment and make farming safer.

From the use of ‘Big Data’ to inform management decisions to autonomous tractors and robotic pickers, we are on the cusp of a world where farmers and growers can minutely manage inputs to maximise production and use automation and robotics to reduce labour numbers and costs.”

Ali Capper – Worcestershire fruit and hop grower and NFU Mutual Director

For more information on our insights into the development and adoption of agri-tech visit our Agri-tech hub  

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