NFU pushing for changes in lamb splitting rules

NFU members are to meet the Food Standards Agency, DEFRA’s TSE division and processors to discuss possible changes to the rules on splitting lamb carcasses.

The union wants to air the financial and practical implications of the current sheep TSE regulations which require the removal of the spinal cord in all sheep aged over 12 months old.

The meeting, on February 12, will be chaired by Malcolm Corbett, vice chairman of the NFU’s national livestock board, and will provide an opportunity for a frank and open discussion on how the regulation has affected producers.

“The devaluation of lambs due to the way the TSE rules are policed in UK abattoirs has gone on for too long, and a solution has to be found as soon as possible,” said Mr Corbett.

“There is compelling EU scientific evidence that lamb meat poses negligible risk to the human food chain and therefore the EU rules with regard to sheep age detection and the UK TSE controls need to be changed. Splitting the carcass is not the answer and a new one has to be found.

“This meeting is an ideal opportunity to gain a solution to the problem once and for all.”

The aim of the meeting is to formulate a set of actions which will prevent further devaluation of lamb while maintaining consumer protection.

The areas looked at will include:
• A joint lobbying strategy to lift EU restrictions;
• Getting changes to the UK implementation procedures;
• Different techniques to remove the spinal cord for animals over 12 months old in various plants;
• Solutions to prevent the need to remove the spinal cord of lambs.


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