NFU regional reports paint disastrous picture for UK harvest

Reports coming into the National Farmers Union’s head office from the regions of England are painting a picture of harvest disaster.

Parts of the East and West Midlands and South Yorkshire have been the most seriously hit with few areas in England escaping the impact of the past few days’ exceptional rainfall.

“It is becoming increasingly clear the losses of some farmers and growers in the region will run into tens of thousands of pounds,” the NFU’s West Midlands report said.

In the East Midlands there was a similar picture of chaos. “Soils are waterlogged and the water table is so high that additional rain simply puddles. Cereal crops remain under water across large areas.”

In the south-west, Gloucestershire appears to have been particularly badly hit, while in the north-west, there had been “persitant rainfall in the region but little in the way of serious flooding – yet”, the union said.

Parts of South Yorkshire – Doncaster and Sheffield – and a large area of the East Riding were being described as “a disaster zone”.

In East Anglia and the South East growers had faired a little better, but top fruit in Kent had suffered with one grower reporting 60% of his crop lost to a hail storm.

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