NFU threat to name processors exploiting DFoB members

NFU dairy board chairman Gwyn Jones has slammed reports of milk buyers “exploiting” stranded Dairy Farmers of Britain suppliers by offering them “shamefully low” milk prices.

“I am receiving a growing number of reports that some buyers are taking advantage of farmers in vulnerable positions and offering shamefully low milk prices. I will be investigating this matter further and any buyer that is proved to be profiteering and exploiting farmers will be exposed.”

NFU leaders met key staff from DFoB’s official receiver, PriceWaterhouseCoopers yesterday (8 June) to discuss the situation following the co-operative’s plunge into receivership last Wednesday.

“It was crucial that we met with PWC and DFoB at the earliest opportunity,” said Mr Jones. “We had a long list of questions, some of which will have to wait to be answered, including: How did we get here? Where has the money gone? And why did things go so wrong?

“I was reassured to hear that all milk has been collected so far. However, I remain concerned that some farmers with small volumes in remote locations could end up with no buyer for their milk.”

The NFU said it had appealed to all the major agricultural banks to suport DFoB members’ businesses.

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