North of England could be worst hit by DFoB collapse

Farmers in the north of England producing lower volumes of milk and away from major urban conurbations could be hardest hit as the full ramifications of the collapse of Dairy Farmers of Britain began to emerge.

“People in the north are in a real muddle,” one affected producer told Farmers Weekly this morning.

“They haven’t got a home for their milk. Buyers want volume when they come and pick it up.”

Many farmers could be forced out of business, he believed.

“I’ve lost 34 days’ money. I reckon the whole job has cost us £300,000 since day one because we’ve lagged behind on price and not got a return on our investment.
“Heads need to roll on the whole job. [Producers] paid £18m goodwill for the co-op business. Someone needs to be accountable.”

Cash-flow would be a major concern for many producers, he added.  “I think it will be the last straw for some.”

And he said lessons needed to be learned. “Farmers are too trusting. We have to sharpen up. We’ve been surrounded by goons.”

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