October milk production up, but NI still struggling

UK milk production in October was slightly higher than the same time last year, according to provisional Rural Payments Agency figures.

In total, 1021m litres of milk were delivered to UK dairies, 0.6% (6.2m litres) more than October 2008. Cumulative production for the 2009/10 milk year now stands at 7645m litres, fractionally (0.1%) below the same time last year.

However, DairyCo says that the overall UK figure masks some key differences. For example, provisional GB milk deliveries in October totalled 895.9m litres, some 13.6m litres (1.5%) above October 2008, while production in Northern Ireland has continued to tumble.

The fall in NI milk deliveries for the first seven months of the current milk year stands at 7.2% (83.2m litres) with cumulative deliveries currently at 1,072.2m litres.

DairyCo says the fall in NI milk deliveries may be partly due to low milk prices within NI, compared with GB. The average milk price for NI between April and August was 6.74p/litre below the GB price.

* For a FW view on the rapid recovery in dairy commodity markets, see Phil Clarke’s Business Blog


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