One dairy farm a day has closed in the past four years – Jim Paice

More than one dairy farm a day has closed in England during the last four years, according to figures obtained following a request by the Conservative Party.

The figures revealed in answer to a parliamentary question from shadow agriculture minister Jim Paice show that in just four years, 2125 dairy farms have been forced to close.   

“These figures provide further evidence of the dire state of the British dairy industry,” said Mr Paice.

 “The government’s failure to toughen up the Supermarket Code of Practice, along with its over-complicated regulations, and inaction on bovine TB, have all put unnecessary pressure on the dairy industry.”

“Whilst recent decisions by supermarkets are welcome, much more needs to be done to capture a larger share of the market for high value dairy products if we are going to really achieve a sustainable rise in the price of milk for all producers.”

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