Organic farming – help or hinderance?


“Organic, GM, conventional, extensive, intensive, imported, exported, local or cheapest – how do we really want our food?” asks Andrew Luddington in a letter to this weeks Farmers Weekly. “The answer is, of course, all of these and it is unfortunate that a producer leaning towards one production method sees fit to deride others.
“You can just imagine retail businesses grinning at their profit margins because of the negatives us food producers clout each other with. What an opportunity for them to buy it cheaper, while maintaining or increasing retail price.
“Let’s learn to put in a positive word for all that we produce. Organic is great and deserves its substantial premium. GM can have huge benefits, for example pulses crossed with wheat to fix all the nitrogen the cereal requires.
“Intensive food production on the best land helps reduce the need to clear rainforest around the world. Food sourced locally has outstanding environmental benefits. The list goes on. It is detrimental to us all as primary producers to deride our neighbour’s technique. United we stand, divided we fall.”

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