Oxylage/Alkalage mixture cuts ration cost by 20p a cow a day

Designed to maximise feeding quality of home-grown forage, feeding a 60:40 mix of Oxylage and Alkalage can reduce overall ration cost by more than 20p a cow a day.

Oxylage is produced from treating lightly wilted forage crops with the additive PPO2, which pulses oxygen through the crop to kill microbes. The additive reduces acid production by ensuring minimal fermentation through sugar and protein protection and contains a stabiliser which protects against mould and spoilage.

Alkalage is a stable, highly digestible and energy rich forage. Mature cereal crops are processed through a forager mill and are then preserved with added nutrient in the form of new product Home n’ Dry, increasing the protein level of the crop by 5% in the finished Alkalage.

Home n’ Dry costs 38.8p/kg and typical application rate is 35kg/t, while PPO2 costs 84p/litre and is applied at a rate of 3 litres/t. For more information contact CMD Agribusiness (01938 590 615 malcolm@bioagri.biz).