English entitlement base values set for 2014 – budget for 3.4% less SFP cash

Entitlement values for English Single Farm Payment claims have been set by the RPA and claimants need to budget for an SFP cash payment rate about 3.4% lower than in 2013, say advisers.

The base rate values for entitlements are much lower than in 2013:

  • €251.39 for non-SDA entitlements
  • €201.32 for SDA entitlements
  • €35.26 for SDA moorland entitlements

While no modulation will be taken from these rates this year, adjustments will be made to account for EU financial discipline and a poorer exchange rate will also push sterling values down.

The base value of entitlements changes each year to account for budget differences and changes in entitlement numbers.

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The strength of sterling on 30 September this year compared with last wipes just over 7% off UK payment values compared with 2013 and is the poorest rate since the 2007 claim year.

“For the 2014 payments due next month, unlike the 2013 payments there will be no modulation reductions taken from claimants payments, and claims over €2,000 are to see a 3.1% additional payment as a result of unused funds from last year’s financial discipline measures. Financial discipline will still play a part, but has been reduced to 1.3% from last year’s 2.45%,” said James Bendle, agricultural adviser for H&H Land and Property.

“The deduction applied will appear on your December claim statements so, when looking at cashflow and budgeting, farmers would be wise to assume that payments will be reduced from 2013 levels. The 2014 SPS payments will be reduced by around 3.4% compared with 2013 SPS payments.”

2014 entitlements statements will be on SPS Online from January 2015, confirming the number and value of each farmer’s SPS 2014 entitlements. Paper copies of statements will be sent out in January 2015, but only to farmers or agents who applied on paper forms for 2014. The 2014 statements should be checked and RPA notified in writing as soon as possible if anything is incorrect.