RPA to release farm details of payment recipients

The Rural Payments Agency has been told to publish further personal details of farmers who have received farm subsidies.

The order by the EU Information Commissioner was the result of a freedom of information campaign by the website farmsubsidy.org.

The RPA will now have to release data for all those who received any CAP payment between October 1999 and October 2005.

The details to be released include:

  • Full name

  • Business identification number

  • Full address

  • Postcode

  • Amount of payment

  • Payment date

  • CAP scheme

  • CAP scheme code 

A spokeswoman for the RPA said that previously only the name, town and first four digits of the postcode had been released.

The new information will be released by 17 December, she added.

Jack Thurston, who led the campaign for farmsubsidy.org, described the release as a victory.

“I knew that the government held better data than it had released and I thought the public had a right to know exactly how its money had been spent,” Mr Thurston wrote on his website.

“The RPA refused my request but the Information Commissioner ruled in my favour and gave the government 35 days to hand over the data, or appeal to an information tribunal.”


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