Single payment prompts Devon units’ late launch

South Devon specialist Luscombe Maye is not letting Christmas get in the way of its marketing campaign for two mixed farms in the South Hams.

The firm’s South Brent-based partner Charles Wreford-Brown has just launched Ashwell Farm at Halwell, near Totnes, and Quarry Farm at Aveton Gifford, near Kingsbridge.

“I thought we’d give them a try now, it’s not conventional, but why not?

“The introduction of the single payment scheme under the mid-term review is now forcing vendors to rethink conventional selling times and in both situations the vendors are selling to enable the purchaser to have the benefit of the 2006 single payment and, therefore, the need to meet the requirement for the 10-month occupancy rule,” he added.

Both farms are priced at 600,000 and have similar acreages, but each has a different residential attraction.

At 160 acres, Quarry Farm is slightly larger, but does not come with a house.

It does, however, have outline planning consent for an agriculturally tied dwelling.

“I see that as a big bonus,” said Mr Wreford-Brown.

“There is a huge demand here from people who want to build or convert something to their own specification.”

Ashwell Farm has 148 acres of land and features a four-bedroom bungalow that makes up in location for what it lacks in size.

“It is designed around a courtyard and the views are wonderful,” said Mr Wreford-Brown.

He reckoned the farms would be of interest to farmers and amenity buyers.

“It is totally open, we have seen over recent months that there is still a large influx of lifestyle buyers there are also a lot of frustrated farmers looking for more land.”

Both farms were owned by farmers with other interests that they wanted to pursue, he added Mr.

Although some agents around the country are predicting that more land will come to the market next spring once farmers receive their single payment for the first time, Mr Wreford-Brown was not convinced that this would happen in south Devon.

“There might be a little bit of that but strong residential values have already given people here a good exit opportunity for the past few years.”

House prices remained strong in the area, although sales needed to be realistically priced, he added.

“There has been a lot of over-priced property, but anything sensibly priced has sold fairly quickly.”

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