Days left to apply for 50% Glastir loan

Welsh farmers have until the end of the week to apply for an interest-free loan if their 2019 Glastir agri-environment scheme payment has been delayed.

The Glastir Entry and Advanced Support Scheme is available to farmers whose payments have been held up because their claim had not been fully processed by the end of January.

The loan will be worth 50% of an applicant’s anticipated claim, excluding the value of any capital works.

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All applications must be made using Rural Payments Wales Online by 14 February, with payments due in the week starting 24 February.

There will be no further opportunity to apply for a loan after this date.

The Farmers’ Union of Wales is urging farmers who want to take advantage of the loan scheme to actively opt-in by the deadline.

However, it added: “A farm business may not be eligible for the support scheme payment if the business has an outstanding grant of probate or if penalties applied to the Glastir Entry or Advanced claim will not be covered by the Glastir Entry or Advanced balance payment.”


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