Welsh farmers’ input wanted to shape post-Brexit scheme

Welsh farmers are being asked to help shape the design of the new Sustainable Farming Scheme by getting involved in a “co-design” programme.

The scheme is expected to be the cornerstone of Wales’ post-Brexit framework for farming support, replacing the Basic Payment Scheme and Glastir.

The co-design process aims to explore some of the more practical aspects of the proposed scheme, which the government says is difficult to do as part of a written consultation.

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The government is looking for farmers to take part in either an online survey or one-to-one telephone-based discussions.

It says this will be an opportunity for it to learn from farmers’ experience and ideas, which will help it to develop its proposals further.

Discussions will focus on four key topics: soil husbandry, animal health and welfare, farm development opportunities, and habitat management.

Farmers wanting to take part are being asked to register their interest at the Menter A Busnes website by 30 May 2020.


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