Picture perfect at Lincs

Judges at this year’s Lincolnshire Show could not have conspired to present a set of supreme champions that reflected more truly the practical, honest, commercial farmers of the area.

Under a sky filled with scudding cloud Phillip Rhodes’ eye for detail saw his five-year-old Holstein cow, Bilsthorpe Sue 23, take the supreme dairy championship.

“She’s a picture of good type and production,” said Mr Rhodes of Wragby, Lincolnshire, whose show season only extends to two outings culminating in the county show.

“We’re commercial, pedigree milk producers first and foremost with 140 cows and do the two shows for a bit of fun.”

This home-bred cow is sired by Plushanski Cutter “a £10 bull not a £50 bull”, commented Mr Rhodes, whose aim is to ensure type fulfils production.

Evidently, it’s an aim that is being achieved – the herd having taken the show’s production and inspection title for the past four years.

A timely fly-by by Red Arrow Hawks from nearby RAF Scampton coincided with eagle-eyed attention in the sheep classes.

Here, a Suffolk shearling ewe of Belvoir-based Liz Needham’s Norman flock put a similar entry from Charles Sercombe’s British Charolais into reserve under Moffat, Dumfriesshire-based judge John Barker.

“It came into the ring with presence, has tremendous giggots, good skin and could have won in bigger company,” he said.

Taking the beef championship were time-served Limousin supporters Peter and Ian Pitcher of Friskney, near Boston.

Their stockbull Winnington Trumps, bought from Carlisle for 7500gns in 2004, proved his worth as natural sire in the family’s 30-cow Cockleshell herd and took a worthy 65/70 points from a committee of seven individual breed judges.

Reserve champion was Willie Seels’ British Blonde cow Burghwallis Star – led by daughter, Becci.

Star had previously sustained a muscle injury at Peterborough the week before, but was soon back to her winning ways for a clearly delighted Mr Seels.

Continuing a career of show successes the overall champion of champions in the pig section went to Brian Upchurch’s 12th-litter British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 65th from his herd based at Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire.

Mr Upchurch, a stalwart of the breed, divides his time between farming and racing greyhounds.


Interbreed Pitcher Farms’ Limousin bull Winnington Trumps; res, W and M Seels’ Blonde cow Burghwallis Star.
Lincoln Red H M and J M Needler’s bull Walmer Evert; res, R E Needham and Son’s bull Market Stainton Harvester.
Belgian Blue Barwood and Padfield’s cow Ridge Dean Sherry 2; res, J and W Laight’s cow Witham Bank Sapphire.
Charolais A O Taylor’s cow Basingbourne Odelia; res, Brailes Livestock’s heifer Penfold Anemore.
Limousin Pitcher Farms’ bull Winnington Trumps; res, Smiths of Bloxham’s Crowhill Orranoe.
Simmental A Hurn and Partners’ cow Twyford Phillida; res, L M Burditt’s bull Brooklyn Prides Sunbeam.
Longhorn J A Warner’s cow Charnwood Carpathia; res, J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Odin.
Blonde W and M Seels’ Burghwallis Star; res, K Jackson’s bull Stubbswalden Vangogh.
Other pure breeds C Fox’s Saler cow Manor Lane Spirit; res, J A Keith and Daughter’s Aberdeen Angus heifer Windyedge Kandy.
Commercial J Timm’s Belgian Blue heifer Baileys Cream; res, Black n Blue Show Team’s Belgian Blue heifer Lucky Dip.

P J and H J Rhodes’ Holstein cow Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, J and S Arrowsmith’s Jersey cow Warninglid Gold Lemvig Autumn 3.
Holstein P J and H J Rhodes’ cow Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, S W Holdcroft and Sons’ cow Dovetrent Gibson Judy.
Jersey J and S Arrowsmith’s cow Warninglid Lemvig Autumn 3; res, Rise Farms’ cow Rise Totem 27.

Interbreed E Needham’s Suffolk shearling ewe; res, C R Sercombe’s British Charollais shearling ewe.
Lincoln Longwool HMP North Sea Camp’s two shear ram; res, HMP North Sea Camp’s yearling ewe.
Suffolk E Needham’s shearling ewe; res, D and J Inman’s ewe lamb.
Texel T J Prentice’s shearling ewe; res, A J and J L Chapman’s two shear ram.
Charollais C R Sercombe’s shearling ewe; res, Watson and Grain’s two shear ram.
Oxford Down Watson and Grain’s two shear ram; res, Watson and Grain’s shearling ewe.
Hampshire Down D C Ritchie’s ram lamb; res, J A Atkinson’s shearling ewe.
Bleu du Maine J McInnes-Skinner’s ewe; res, J Bury’s shearling ram.
Other pure native breed H M Tickler’s Poll Dorset ewe lamb; res, G M Ward’s Kerry Hill. shearling ewe.
Other pure continental J A Keith and Daughter’s Berrichon two shear ram; res, J Thomas’ Beltex ewe.
Cross-bred sheep and commercial ram class R and P Kitson’s Suffolk cross shearling ewes; H and C Taylor’s Texel cross ewe lambs.
Commercial lambs C M Bowser’s Beltex crosses; res, C M Bowser’s Beltex crosses.
Lamb carcass Spence Bros’ Beltex cross Beltex X; res, S and M Hewson’s Beltex cross Texel.
Lincolnshire fleece K M Robinson’s Lincoln Longwool; res, E A Stokeld’s Border Leicester.
Wool on the hoof Watson and Grain’s British Charolais ram; res, K M Robinson’s Lincoln Longwool yearling ewe.

Supreme champion B Upchurch’s British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 65; res, J Wykes-Sneyd’s Berkshire sow Kilcot Mermaid.
Modern breeds Hutson and Son’s Hampshire gilt Burma Anna 20; res, Hutson and Son’s Hampshire sow Burma Anna 10.
Large Black male P E Churchyard’s Breckles Majestic; female, P E Churchyard’s Breckles Jewel 72.
British Saddleback male J R and M L Wreakes’ Victoria Guardsman 200; female, J R and M L Wreakes’ Victoria Lottie 190.
Middle White male M Paddock’s Eaves Sovereign 2; res, M Paddock’s Butterfields Silk 4.
Gloucester Old Spot male N/F; female, M Renshaw’s Tennyson Star Antoinette 764.
Berkshire J Wykes-Sneyd’s Bruisyard Orlando; female, J Wykes-Sneyd’s Kilcot Mermaid.
Tamworth male N/F; female, C Horsley’s Beechwood Lucky Lass 209.
British Lop male M N and E V Edgar’s Bakers Charles 4; female, B Upchurch’s Greenway Harmony 65.
Bacon carcass S M Alford and Sons, res, D and P Livestock.