Pig prices inch up despite weaker euro

Spot and contract quotes for slaughter pig supplies for the week commencing 22 May are tending firmer.

The latest Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price has moved up to 101.32p and as a result contract base prices linked to the DAPP have also risen.

Spot bacon quotes are also on the rise with buyers bidding between 104–107p/kg and lighter weight cutters worth a premium of 4–7p above this.
Cull sow prices have slipped from recent levels but have now stabilised.

Export buyers are quoting in the 75–79p/kg region, but with numbers tight some abattoirs are prepared to pay an additional premium to fulfil export orders.

Recent falls in the value of the euro have not helped the cull sow trade and are also making pigmeat imports cheaper. The currency opened at 68.0p on Monday, 22 May compared with 68.7p a year ago.

The weaner market remains relatively firm, more due to a shortage of numbers than any confidence in finished pig prices during July/August.

The Meat and Livestock Commission ex-farm 30kg weaner average is quoted at £34.12/head.

The December 2005 Pig Census established the size of the UK breeding herd at just 441,000 head compared with over 800,000 head in the late 1990s.

As a result slaughter pig availability is forecast to be no higher than 165,000 head/week for the remainder of the year.