Planners give Norfolk poultry rendering plant the OK

A major new poultry rendering plant in Norfolk has been given the OK by planners despite vociferous objections from local residents.

Locals had argued that the new Banham Compost rendering plant near Fakenham so deviated from original plans that planners should take enforcement action against the company.

But local Broadland Council has now ruled that the deviations from the original planning permission, given in 2003, are not sufficient to harm the community and that no enforcement action should be taken.


More than 100 protesters attending a noisy council meeting claimed that the plant was bigger than had been previewed, had a taller chimney, and had different measures to deal with noise and smell.

They said that the plant was now so large that it would affect the quality of life, and house prices, in the area.

But Broadland planning officer Phil Courtier told them the difference between the approved scheme and what had been built was “not significant to cause serious harm to the amenity of the local area and residents.”