Plans for state-of-the-art auction mart unveiled

United Auctions has submitted a revised planning application for a new state-of-the-art mart near Stirling.

The Scottish livestock auctioneers’ revised proposals for the £10 million “European Centre of Excellence” investment in Stirling include radical changes to the building design, site layout and landscaping.

The changes address concerns expressed when the company’s first proposals were rejected by Stirling Council in September.

The new market, set to be UA’s headquarters, is positioned more centrally, set further back from the A84 to reduce the visual impact and to maintain the open space between neighbouring buildings.

The more traditional design will use materials common to Scottish farm buildings in the area and the height of the buildings and the scale of the development have been reduced.

The new plans will require the use of only 20 per cent of the 21ha site and, say UA, will maintain 320 jobs directly and indirectly.

Neil McLean, joint managing director of UA said there was no alternative site in the Stirling are which met the necessary criteria and it was an “ideal location” for the mart.

UA has worked for four years to secure a site for a new mart to replace its 40-year-old market at Kildean, which will soon be no longer able to meet modern animal health and welfare or biosecurity standards introduced through stricter European legislation.



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