Pool launch for future minded farmers

GRAINFARMERS HAS launched a late-entry pool for farmers who now wish to commit some grain for the forthcoming market year.

Demand for a late-entry pool had risen recently due to weaker new crop prices, said grain group development manager, Rob Sanderson.

The merchant closed its harvest 2004 pool at the end of February, but farmers were tending to commit their grain later this year due to the rising prices experienced last autumn, he said.

“People generally haven‘t sold as much forward as last year.”

Grainfarmers has also announced its results for the Jan-March pool, making an average of £93.50/t in the south of England after commission, and £96/t in the north.

Group one milling wheat made an £8/t premium in the south, with Group three and four wheats fetching £1/t over feed.