Poultry producers embrace the effects of climate change

Poultry farmers in England are embracing measures to improve on-farm energy efficiency to ensure they reduce the future impact of climate change.

According to a new survey by Farming Futures nearly 60% of producers in England are now taking action to reduce costs and lessen the effects.

The survey also found that 28% of poultry producers in England are already affected by climate change, and almost half expect to be affected in the next 10 years.

But producers seem uncertain as to whether climate change will create more opportunities or pose a risk to their businesses.

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Currently 33% believe it will present more hazards and 28% think it will provide more opportunities.

Katie Zabel, Farming Futures project manager said: “The survey results show that English producers are already affected by climate change and they are starting to take action to both adapt their businesses, and reduce their own impacts.”

For more information about on-farm workshops on climate change that are taking place visit the Farming Futures website.

Farming Futures provides information via fact sheets on every farming sector and topical issues such as climate change, anaerobic digestion, water and biomass which can be downloaded from the website. Producers can watch videos, read case studies of best practice and sign up for free events throughout the year.