Price rise for First Milk suppliers

Farmers in First Milk’s manufacturing pool are set to receive an extra 1p/litre from 1 September.

This will take the standard litre price to 31p/litre, following rises of 0.6p/litre in July and 0.5p/litre in August.

Farmers in First Milk’s liquid pool will also see a rise from September. Following a 0.5p/litre rise in July and 0.5p/litre in August, the milk price will also increase 0.2p/litre in September, taking producers to 30.85p/litre.

“These latest moves have been made possible by a combination of securing additional returns from core markets and by diverting a greater proportion of our existing volume to our skimmed milk powder joint venture at Westbury, where returns have been strong,” said Bill Mustoe, First Milk chairman.

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