Producers attend first DFoB meeting

About 200 dairy farmers have had their first chance to vent their anger and frustration at the collapse of Dairy Farmers of Britain during a meeting held for producers in Carlisle today (Friday 5 June).

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of gloom and despondency with dairy farmers searching for new buyers and facing the prospect of not getting paid for any of the milk they produced during May.

Farmers remain concerned that, if there was no money to pay for their milk, how could tanker drivers be expected to turn up for work.

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And the most pressing concern was “who is going to collect our milk in the short term”.

But the receivers PricewaterhouseCoopers, who staged the meeting, gave an assurance that normal milk collections would continue.

Farmers were informed that the receivers would be having talks with the government and the NFU next week to ensure milk collections would continue from farms still needing the service until producers secured new contracts elsewhere.

Adam Briggs of the NFU‘s north west region said the meeting was a sad day for the milk industry.

“The interim arrangements regarding collection and payment were confirmed but the receivers were not prepared to make any commitment to a pence per litre price that would be paid to producers in the coming weeks.”

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