Retail price share boost for pig producers

Pig producers are receiving the biggest share of the retail price in nearly 20 years, according to BPEX figures.

In June, producers received 43% of the retail price, 3% more than the same time a year before and the largest share since the mid-90s.

The rise is down to a 3p deadweight average pig price (DAPP) increase on the previous month to 166.8p/kg.

Bacon prices for the whole of June are not yet available, however producers received 37% of the retail price in May.

BPEX analyst Stephen Howarth said the level was similar to the same month last year as retail bacon prices have risen more over the past year than pork prices.

Pork retail prices also rose. Almost all cuts recorded a month-on-month increase in price and the year-on-year average was 4%. The highest rises year-on-year were in traditional sausages at 9% and diced pork seeing a 7% rise.

The good weather has been responsible for stronger barbecue demand last week (to 13 July), which was passed back to the finished pig market, said Mr Howarth.

“Relatively tight supplies also helped keep prices firm with weekly throughputs totalling 160,900 head, marginally down on a year earlier,” he added.

This saw pig producers receiving 18p/kg more than the same week the previous year, at 168.84p/kg.

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