Ringside at Markethill Auction Centre, Armagh

Markethill Auction Centre, Armagh

An entry of 500 cattle sold to steady demand on Tuesday (7 August). Dairy cows, including a herd dispersal, sold to a top of £1,320 for a calved second calver, with cull cows selling to 151p/kg or £1,320 a head. Most trade was in the 130-146p/kg range for well-fleshed cows, with good Friesians in the 110-120p/kg bracket and poorer lots fetching 70-105p/kg.

About 200 store cattle commanded a firm trade for all types, with a Limousin cow with a bull calf topping at £1,175. Several more fetched between £850 and £1,070 a head, with bullocks topping at £1,130 and heifers at £1,025.

Bull calves sold in the region of £220 to £275, with heifer calves from £150 apiece.

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