Ringside: Lambs sell well at Llanybydder

Ringside at…

Llanybydder Mart, Carmarthenshire. A strong entry of 1533 sheep saw store lambs sell to a fast trade again at Monday’s (10 January) sale, with demand far outstripping supply. Most stores averaged £48-£62, with a top price of £66.50. Cull ewes matched that peak, ranging from £45 to £65, with cull rams topping at £70 and averaging £50-£69. In-lamb ewes sold easily from £70 to £85, up to a top of £88.

Numbers in the butchers’ lambs section were slightly shy, due to the inclement weather, said auctioneer Evans Bros. Light lambs averaged 160p/kg and topped at 163p/kg, with medium weights settling at 162p/kg, up to 168p/kg. Heavy weights came in at 165p/kg, to a peak of 170p/kg, putting the overall market average at 163p/kg.