RPA claims that just 250 commercial farmers are waiting for single farm payment

The Rural Payments Agency has claimed that 110,579 claimants (94.94%) have now received a total of £1.458 billion (96.24%) in full or partial single farm payments.

But it has admitted that 5895 claimants are yet to receive any payment and about 250 of these are currently in the priority one classification (having a claim value of more than €1,000 or £682).

“RPA managers are in contact with these customers to move the claim forward wherever possible which includes 114 complex cases involving issues such as probate and liquidation,” said a statement.

“As claims advance through the processing cycle, values are liable to be updated and consequently are likely to enter the over €1,000 priority one category.”

The RPA added that work continues to develop and test the mechanism to calculate and pay interest payments for those customers who received payments after the 30 June deadline.

Single Farm Payment Scheme special report



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