RPA forum on SPS claims to continue into April

The Rural Payments Agency has agreed to keep answering your queries about how to fill in the SP5 form on the forums on Farmers Weekly Interactive.

A team from the RPA has been fielding questions about form-filling since mid-March and has agreed to keep this service going into April.

The facility has already been used by a number of farmers who have found it a quick and easy way to get answers on niggling issues such as what code to use or how to apply online.

It is a useful alternative to phoning the Customer Service helpline which has been seeing high levels of calls in recent days.

Farmers need to be registered on the forums to post a question but this is quick and easy to do.

Although the team are not able to answer individual queries which relate to your individual claim, they are able to field common queries.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions will appear in future issues of Farmers Weekly.

The team had been answering queries within 36 working hours but this period may lengthen slightly during April.

See what others have asked about and add your own questions.

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