RPA responds to service centre delays

The RPA has increased the number of operators on its Customer Service line after complaints from farmers that they were unable to get through.

A spokesperson said many of the calls had been requests for RLE1 forms so bulk supplies had been circulated around drop-in centres and a blank version had been added to the RPA’s website.

Producers will now also get waiting time information so they know where they are in the queue.

“We’ve taken immediate action to help farmers and agents get the information they require as quickly as possible. This should reduce the number of people needing to phone us up and for those that do phone, we’ve made changes to try and improve the experience.”

She added: “We are allowing retrospective empowerments for entitlement transfers for the remainder of the 2010 transfer window (4 April) – this will allow two weeks for someone submitting a form to make empowerment arrangements before the form is rejected.”

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