RPA reveals it may need to ‘adjust’ thousands of Single Payment Scheme allocations

The Rural Payments Agency has announced the introduction of a new software upgrade to allow it to adjust Single Payment Scheme 2005 entitlements “where changes to the number, value or type/region may be necessary”.

It has emerged that around 19,000 SPS claims together with 7700 claims with horticultural authorisations are being reviewed to verify whether adjustments are required.
Since the definitive establishment of entitlements in February, routine checks on paid claims and representations from some customers have resulted in the need for adjustments.
As a result of these checks, claims may be subject to revision upwards or downwards.

The RPA will be writing in due course to those customers whose claims are affected, advising of the revised position on their claim.
RPA chief executive Tony Cooper said: “Over recent months our focus has been on making payments to as many people, paying as much money as possible into the industry. This included a successful partial payments plan.

“However, it was clear from February, when the problem was first identified, that we would need to make some final adjustments as we neared the end of the process and a more complete picture of entitlements and claim values emerged.
“Now that over 98% of the estimated £1.515 billion fund has been paid out to farmers we are in a much better position to make the adjustments and have developed the tools to do this.”

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