Rural Payments Agency update warns farmers they may get two receipts for SP5 form



The Rural Payments Agency has warned some farmers that they may get two receipts when they submit their single farm payment application form (SP5).

The agency keeps updating the Frequently Asked Question section on its website.

The latest addition is a warning that farmers who leave their forms at a drop in centre are likely to get two lodgement receipts – one from the drop in centre and a second one when the form arrives at the main office in Newcastle to be scanned.

However it states: “The date on the receipt from the drop in centre will be counted as the lodgement date for your 2007 claim form.”

If you have another question then you can post your comment in the Direct Talk on… SFP payments forum and one of our experts will try their best to give you an answer. To read other helpful tips read the FAQ section of the RPA site.

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