Sainsbury’s pays 10p/kg premium to pig producers

Sainsbury’s has announced today it has been paying its Pork Development Group pig producers a 10p/kg premium for the past three weeks to mitigate rising feed costs.

As part of an eight-week premium payment incentive, the retailer has been paying farmers in the group – which comprises 22 producers, covering 142 farms – the 10p/kg premium since 17 August.

“Through our Pork Development Group we’ve been able to discuss the current feed cost issues with our farmers and act upon it. We listen to our farmers, offer them support and are committed to a sustainable pig industry in the UK,” said Sainsbury’s pork buyer Joanna Walker.

The premium payment will continue until 12 October – it will then be reassessed to see if it needs to continue.

Producers in the group, which was formed in September 2010 on the same model as the retailer’s Dairy Development Group, supply 100% of the chain’s fresh British pork, as well as the Taste the Difference bacon and gammon, and all of the retailer’s sausages.

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