Save on fuel costs by following top tips

A fifty percent increase in fuel prices since 2004 means all growers must look at ways of reducing fuel use, says Randall Reeder from Ohio State University in this Saturday’s (28 January) refocused Crops magazine.

He outlines a list of practical fuel-saving options for growers in this week’s new look Crops* – full of the same trusted technical and management advice, industry insight and comment, but delivered in a clearer, easier to read format, more carefully targeted at the nation’s top arable producers.

The list of 21 common-sense tips has been drawn up for American growers, but many are applicable in the UK, he said.

He believes many farmers should be able to save at least 10% on their fuel use by making a few operating changes, paying closer attention to routine maintenance and spending a little on fuel saving ideas.

“For example, for every pound saved by reducing excessive wheel slip by 5%, you may save 10 pounds because it also means 5% less time in the field.”

Here are a few of his tips, see Saturday’s new look Crops magazine for more!

  • Ballast – Four-wheel drive tractors should have about 60% of the total weight on the front and 40% at the rear
  • Switch off – Substantial fuel can be saved by not idling diesel engines for more than 10 minutes
  • Filters – change air and fuel filters on schedule – dirty filters restrict air flow and cut power
  • Fuel injectors – clean fuel injectors if you see black smoke coming from the exhaust

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