Sentry commits 20,000ha of crops to Gleadell

Gleadell Agriculture will market the bulk of Sentry’s combinable crops output from harvest 2017.

Farm management and contract farming company Sentry has about 20,000ha under cultivation, made up of 9,700ha of management agreements, about 8,000ha of contract farming agreements and 2,400ha of land on farm business tenancies.

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The marketing partnership aims to add value to Sentry’s clients’ produce and maximise returns, giving better access to market analysis and risk management tools.

Crops belonged to the landowners in the various agreements, said Sentry director designate John Barrett.

Deals would still be done on an individual farm basis but the arrangement would allow closer co-operation and better information flows about what was being grown and what the market wanted.

A small acreage of minor crops would remain outside the agreement, said Mr Barrett.

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