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Employing staff

Make sure, as an employer, that you are complying with the law on pensions, minimum wage rules and conditions for your employees.

See our legal advice and tips and get information on staff welfare, hiring seasonal and migrant workers and managing staff.


Pensions and pay

How to comply with new auto-enrolment pension rules

Pay and pensions changes: What farm employers need to know



5 changes to employment law farmers need to know

Employers need to be on alert for HMRC minimum wage checks

A legal guide to employing farm staff

Farm redundancies – how to stick to the rules

How to be sure foreign workers can stay road legal in the UK

Retirement age laws: What farm employers need to know


Advice and tips

7 tips for motivating arable farm staff

Tips on how to recruit good arable farm staff

Contracts of employment – how to get the basics right

Advice on negotiating pay and terms with farm staff

How to run appraisals that help the business and employees

Business Clinic: Can I insure against the loss of key staff?


Health and safety

Business clinic: Why employer’s liability cover is essential for everyone

Advice on the health and safety responsibilities of farm employees

Why insurers must be told about accidents

What to do if there is a fatality on the farm


From elsewhere

Government information on employing people

Defra: Calculate your agricultural worker holiday entitlement

Defra: Agricultural sick pay

Defra: Agricultural workers’ rights