Stand up and be counted

British farming needs champions. That much was evident to anyone watching last Thursday’s documentary The Lie of the Land.

All too often, as at times in this documentary, British farming is portrayed in a bad light. It has little chance to put its side of the story and highlight the good farming does for the countryside, its communities and, most of all, consumers by providing traceable, high quality and ethically produced food.

So, with the deadline of 21 May looming for entries for this year’s Farmers Weekly Awards, what better opportunity could there be to stand up and be counted as a farmer who cares about the profession and believes there is a future in this progressive and dynamic industry.

Entering the Awards is not so much an option as a must. It’s the best chance our industry has to highlight just how many opportunities there are in farming and the exceptional level of commitment to animal welfare, the environment and food safety shown every day of every year by British farmers.

Entering the Awards will be the most worthwhile thing you’ll do this year, but in case you are still wondering what it could mean for you, here’s what others in the industry feel:

“I, like many others who commit time and energy into reconnecting people with agriculture, do it to share the positive message that UK farming deserves and not for accolades. To be recognised was incredibly humbling, it has raised the profile of the good story UK farming has to tell the public”

Ian Pigott

Farming Champion of the Year.

“The award has meant so much to us on both a personal and professional level. We’ve taken advantage of the subsequent potential business growth and marketing opportunities. The long-term value of winning this award will be hugely beneficial to our business.”

Tony Burgess

Poultry Farmer of the Year

“It was so good to witness the real celebrations of both winners and their families and friends”

John Moverley

Chief executive RASE

“Too often heads go down and farmers get depressed. We need events like the Farmers Weekly Awards to showcase those farmers out there who are doing a good job and are willing to show others how to do it”

John Vipond

Senior sheep specialist SAC

“Winning has given us a huge morale boost as well as help focus my attention on promoting the good news farming has to offer.”

Henry Lewis

Dairy Farmer of the Year

“The Award has provided me with immense confidence in the industry and the knowledge that my business is progressing in the right way for the market”

Robert Neill

Beef Farmer of the Year.


How to enter:

For information about how to enter the 2007 Farmers Weekly Awards, visit our Farmers Weekly Awards website or contact awards co-ordinator Jacqui Winn on 020 8652 4002 or email

Give it a go – and do your business a power of good in the process.