Superfast 4G broadband will benefit farmers

Superfast 4G mobile broadband will bring big benefits to farmers, a report has found.

Results in the annual NFU communications survey found two out of every three farmers who use the internet say they would benefit from the rollout of superfast mobile broadband (4G).

Speaking at a seminar in London, NFU chief rural affairs adviser David Collier said that it was clear that farmers have high expectations of 4G mobile broadband.

“Farmers expect multiple benefits from 4G mobile broadband. They expect to be able to use the internet more and use it more effectively. From doing business with their customers or seeking out new suppliers to doing administrative work such as banking, invoicing or completing online forms, the internet has become a vital component of rural life.

“Those in areas where the current landline connection is painfully slow are looking forward to using the internet much more easily and effectively than before.

“Farmers also expect to have more time to get on with farming and looking after the environment,” he said.

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