Survey seeks farmers’ views on satellite monitoring of farmland

Most people know that DEFRA already monitors farmland by satellite for SFP cross-compliance reasons.


But as the ability of satellites to see in detail improves over the coming years, the images being beamed from this ‘spy in the sky’ are likely to become interesting to other organisations monitoring farmers’ compliance with environmental regulations.


Like the disposal of farm waste, for instance, or the protection of designated conservation sites.


University College London is carrying out an independent survey of farmers’ attitudes towards these likely future developments.


It wants to hear about any experiences you have had of satellite monitoring, what your attitude is to this type of surveillance and whether you think the benefits (like consistency of enforcement) outweigh the dangers (like misuse of the technology).


Though the results of the survey will be made public, individual contributions will remain strictly confidential. The hope is that the survey’s conclusions will start a wider debate into the best and fairest way to use this increasingly powerful new technology.


The on-line survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Or you can call Ray Purdy on 020 7679 4554 and get a survey posted to you.

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