TFA asks members to rate their landlord’s agent

Tenants are being asked to give their landlord’s agents a star rating as part of a survey to build a clearer picture of landlord tenant relationships.

The Tenants Farmers Association said it often received reports where it felt the standard of practice displayed by a landlord’s agent fell below what should be expected.

However, when it had discussed these concerns with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) it had been asked to provide more evidence of the problem.

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The TFA said it wanted to hear good stories, as well as the bad, in response to its survey.

Any information supplied would not be attributed, so tenants should be as open as they felt they could be, it added.

The survey invites tenants to rate their landlord’s agent on their professionalism, timeliness and their efforts to promote good landlord/tenant relationships.

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