Tight supply boosts EU pig prices

EU pig prices have reached a near-record high, with the average reference price rising by more than 14% in the 11 weeks to 23 September.

At €191.99/100kg (£1.54/kg), the average price was €37/100kg higher than the same time last year and €51 more than two years ago, said a report by BPEX. “Rising prices have been driven by tight supplies across Europe, with fewer pigs available and, in some member states, lower carcass weights. With the exception of three weeks during the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak, this is the highest price ever recorded.”

The rising trend, which started in mid-July, contrasted with the normal seasonal pattern of falling prices during September. Average values had been above the UK reference price since the end of August, by as much as €5/100kg at one stage, putting the UK 18th in the league table, said the report.

However, UK pig markets continued to climb, with the EU-spec deadweight average price rising by 0.99p/kg to 155.74p/kg in the week to 6 October. That put it more than 11p/kg higher than the same time last year. Weaner prices also improved, to average £40.65 in the week to 13 October.


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