Tracker Recovery gives 20% insurance discount

Quad bike users who insure their bikes through the NFU Mutual can benefit from insurance premium discounts of 20%, provided the bikes have a Tracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery system fitted.

The Tracker system is claimed to have traced more than £45,000 worth of stolen ATVs during 2005.

Developed for motorbikes, the setup is available in entry-level Retrieve specification available for £259 including installation and the first years’ subscription.

The range-topping Monitor system alerts users if the bike is moved outside a pre-determined zone.

Priced at £399, the system also includes installation and the first years’ subscription.

According to the firm, the Retrieve system is activated when a bike is reported stolen by an owner whereas the Monitor system alerts the company of unauthorised movements of the bike, after which the owner is contacted.

Both units transmit a radio signal, allowing the motorbike to be tracked even when inside a moving van or locked in a garage.

During 2005 Tracker – working in conjunction with the police – claims to have traced and returned more than £36m worth of stolen vehicles to their rightful owners.