UK potato prices continue to rise following European shortage

Potato prices have continued to rise as poor European production increased demand for the UK’s crop.

Average prices for the 2006 crop reached £176.90/tonne last week, an increase of £22.39/t over the month. 

Rob Burrow, British Potato Council market information manager, said growing demand for higher priced, quality potatoes had accounted for much of the price rise, but low potato stocks had also had an impact.

“Prices always go up at this time of year because of costs of storage, but the stock situation has affected it,” he said.

“There has been low production across northern Europe, which has led to limited imports to the UK.

“The price will perhaps continue to rise for the moment as demand for the top end of the market goes up.

“But we are starting to see the first imports of the 2007 crop, so as supplies increase it’s important to keep an eye on imports and how they affect prices here.”